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Luna / VU tour diary – 20 June 1993

20th June

Velvet Underground - 1993
Velvet Underground - 1993

I wake up at 8:00 a.m. and can’t get back to sleep. Tonight is the last show, at a club called Die Halle, capacity 2500. Time for photographs and autographs. Stanley has brought his original unpeeled Banana album. The VU are really good tonight. “All Tomorrow’s Parties” sends shivers, and Lou plays a great eight minute guitar solo to begin “Some Kinda love,” but again “I’m Sticking With You” is my favorite part of the show.

According to Oliver Stone’s Doors movie, Nico once went down on Jim Morrison in an elevator. I didn’t get to ask her about it (I ‘m sure it was a ridiculous figment of Stone’s libidinous imagination) but I did see La Dolce Vita again the other day at Theatre 80 St. Marks, and she’s great in that. It’s too bad she couldn’t make this tour. I remember when I was about 15 years old I used to lie on the carpet and listen to “Lisa Says” and “Over You” from the Velvets 1969 Velvet Underground Live double LP, still my favorite Velvets record, and the best sounding live record I’ve ever heard. The Velvets don’t sound exactly the same as they used to (partially because they’re now playing to thousands of fans instead of jamming in small clubs) but when they start “Venus in Furs” or “All Tomorrow’s Parties” it’s pretty damn close, and watching them night after night I realize that, despite the endless stream of Velvets inspired bands, no one sounds like the Velvet Underground - they were (are?) a totally unique rock band. I look forward to another tour in the year 2017.

And that’s the end of it - sadly there won’t be a VU tour in 2017, no Sterling, no VU