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Luna / VU tour diary – 13 June 1993

13th June

There’s a live Elvis concert on TV this morning, from about 1972 I guess. James Burton on Telecaster - what a guitar player. In the hotel lobby I hear a Czech version of “Three Kinds of Lonely” by Lee Hazlewood. James Burton plays on the original version of that too. It’s all getting very strange indeed.

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. Tonight’s show is at a theater in the former Cultural Palace of the Communist Party. Sold out again (as it has been every night). A historic show, but a bit quiet. The VU get the usual standing ovations and are off to Vaclav Havel’s place for a party. Sean and Justin go to the Hotel Casino and lose all their per diems.

We’re on vacation for the next six days. Stanley heads off to Amsterdam with the tour manager, the rest of us head for Paris via the night-train.

Dean Wareham time off in Paris (photo ht)
Dean Wareham time off in Paris (photo ht)

In April 1993 Luna were invited to open for The Velvet Underground on their reunion tour around Europe. Dean Wareham kept a diary of the tour which was published in the November 1993 issue of Alternative Press, I’ve just lifted that article and chopped it up into days and will post it here over the coming days - all without permission - if anyone objects give me a shout.