Luna / VU tour diary – 10 June 1993

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June 10:
We travel to Hamburg via train. I am chilling out listening to Mazzy Star and drinking Chokomel. Chokomel all around. Sean doesn't look too good today. That night we walk the infamous Herbertstrasse, then go to the Docks to see Alex Chilton but he has played already. Instead we see the Country Rockers from Memphis, TN. The drummer is about 65 years old and looks like he's about to fall off his drum throne. He plays real slow.

In April 1993 Luna were invited to open for The Velvet Underground on their reunion tour around Europe. Dean Wareham kept a diary of the tour which was published in the November 1993 issue of Alternative Press, I've just lifted that article and chopped it up into days and will post it here over the coming days - all without permission - if anyone objects give me a shout.

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