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Luna / VU tour diary – 6 June 1993

6th June:

Wembley Arena, capacity 12,000. “Hello, Wembley!” I hate stadiums and arenas, but I have a good time onstage. John Cale’s violas fall over onto Sean’s foot-pedals during our set, or did he kick them? I never find out for sure. Tonight the Velvets pull out “Pale Blue Eyes” for the first time. Sterling is playing lead and Cale the viola.

In April 1993 Luna were invited to open for The Velvet Underground on their reunion tour around Europe. Dean Wareham kept a diary of the tour which was published in the November 1993 issue of Alternative Press, I’ve just lifted that article and chopped it up into days and will post it here over the coming days - all without permission - if anyone objects give me a shout.