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A Head Full of Wishes is a site for Galaxie 500, Luna, Damon & Naomi, Dean & Britta and Dean Wareham. With news, articles and lists of releases and past and future shows.

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What's Going On...

Damon & Naomi are home from Australia releasing books and new/old records and publishing e-zines.

Back home, and excited to announce a virtual journey into the unknown – we are launching an Exact Change e-zine, through the auspices of 29th Street Publishing. There’s a sneak preview in a special free number of Maura Magazine (the Maura app is also free, once you have it look for the “Introducing” issue). This is for iPads and iPhones only, so plug in everyone!

Obviously that last sentence is a bit careless because the first phrase makes the second phrase impossible <sigh>.

Dean & Britta meanwhile have headed out west and have been house-hunting and shining up new solo albums - three of them I believe. They've also been appearing in the new Noah Baumbach film Frances Ha

My database has been running with mostly just cosmetic changes for years (apart from a misguided attempt at getting it into a wiki), one of the features of it is a list (and an RSS feed) of upcoming shows - this too has been ticking away for years with no problems (and admittedly very few visits/subscriptions) - a few weeks ago it broke, which seemed odd - nothing had changed over the years it had been gladly ticking away... I eventually tracked down what had changed - for the first time in as many years as it's been running it has had no upcoming gigs to report.

I resisted the temptation to title this post Bands don't tour and break long-established web site