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Roll your own Luna new year (2013 version)

In December 2005 we arrived at a new year's eve which didn't involve Luna playing live, until then Luna's new year's show was a tradition (sadly one I never experienced in the flesh), and part of that tradition involved pulling out a cover version of George McRae's disco classic Rock Your Baby.

So in December 2005 I threw together the "Roll Your Own Luna New Year" page which collected new years performances of the track... this post is just a recycle of that post... with a bit of added video from Matthew Buzzell's Tell Me Do You Miss Me the film of Luna's last tour:

If anyone has any other live performances of the track please get in touch.

You can download the 2000 CBGB's show from AHFoW on Mediafire

Here's George's version from 1974 spinning:

... and of course...