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Lost Tracks: Audio: I Wanna Live by Galaxie 500

Martin-Pena Area of Puerto Rico ..., 04/1972

I know nothing about this track... it's on a live recording I have from a 1988 show where Galaxie 500 were supporting The Pixies.

I searched through the mailing list archives and all I could find was me asking if anyone knew anything about it (in 1999) -my question was answered with stony silence. Is it a cover? Google would seem to suggest otherwise, but Dean does say something, although maybe off-mic and certainly not very clear that initially sounded like it might be... now I'm not so sure.

Please feel free to fill in the many gaps!

Update: I asked Dean on his Facebook page about "I Wanna Live" so here's the gaps filled in...

AHFoW: Hi Dean, whatever happened to I Wanna Live? Was it a cover? I keep coming across it and meaning to ask...

Dean: it was an original. . . a song we tried out live (apparently) but never recorded in the studio. So I guess you could say that nothing happened to it.