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Video: Dean Wareham in Psycho Babble

Sean writhes half naked
After Britta's first performance with Luna, on Cynthia Garrett's network TV show in March 2000, the band decamped to their hotel to make the short film Psycho Babble - here's how Dean described the making of the film in Black Postcards ...

After the filming we went to make a short film, an art film, to be directed by Sean's old friend Matthew Buzzell. He wanted to interview me for the film, but first he wanted me to get loaded, so my tongue would loosen. We went to Musso and Frank's for steak and martinis.

"Get the house martini," said Matthew. "It's made with Gibley's vodka, but it's perfect."

After a couple of those martinis, I was tipsy, but not drunk enough for Matthew's liking. He took us over to the Viper Room, where his friend Linda was the manager. It's a silly place. The first time I was there, Wilt Chamberlain was exiting the club just as we were entering, stooping so as not to bump his head in the narrow corridor.

We arrived back at the Hollywood Roosevelt around midnight and got down to the business of making the film - Psychobabble. There was no plot and no script. Matthew made it up as he went along. The premise was that Sean would writhe half naked on the bathroom floor, while I stared into a mirror giving drunken answers to Matthews personal questions.

Matthew had one other suggestion.

"How about if you make out with Britta, or let her walk on your back" he asked. "And I'll film it."

I didn't think that was such a good idea. Not filming it, anyway.

Matthew went on to make the film of Luna's final tour Tell Me Do You Miss Me and has recently directed the video for Elk City's Jerks on Ice that features Sean Eden and can be seen (if you're in the US) on the MTV web site.