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Magic Hour were the psych rock band that Damon & Naomi formed with Kate Biggar and Wayne Rogers of Crystalized Movements (and Twisted Village) after More Sad Hits. The band released three albums and a couple of singles between 1993 and 1996. Sally Free and Easy, from the band's first album, is the only Magic Hour song that was sung by Naomi and because of that, and because it was gentler and sweeter and folkier than a lot of Magic Hour's output, it could have just as easily fitted onto a Damon & Naomi album.

The song was written by English folk-singer Cyril Tawney in the 1950s and has been covered by pretty close to everyone, from Davy Graham, The Pentangle and Bob Dylan to Flying Saucer Attack and a very wonderful version by Trees.

Magic Hour's version is up there with the best and it's a shame that it has been mostly lost to Damon & Naomi's past (Magic Hour don't even have a Wikipedia page... I should fix that some time!)

Cyril Tawney died in 2005

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