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Everett True deconstructs his Blue Thunder single review

Not sure how this slipped by but last week Everett Truerevisited his review of Galaxie 500's Blue Thunder single.

The record was given the Single of the Week accolade in the Melody Maker's singles reviews on 22 January 1990 and was a pretty important step in Galaxie 500's success.

The review covers the a-side as well as the two ace covers on the flip (Victory Garden and Ceremony) and the article is more about ET revisiting his writing than about him revisiting the single - but makes for a fascinating read all the same...

The latter half of this sentence works fine, but really I should have said: Dean Wareham can’t quite hit the notes he’s reaching for, and man that’s disorientating over such a meticulous rhythm section. The sax just confused the hell out of me. Still does.

Read the full article on ETs rather good Collapse Board site and you can see the original review on the excellent, but currently dormant, Archived Music Press blog