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Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500 at Truck Festival

Dean & Britta @ Truck Festival

I'm not a fan of festivals (although after last week's Electrelane gig I'm not so much of a fan of the sweaty indie club either) so I wasn't a 100% sure I was going to see Dean & Britta do their last UK "plays Galaxie 500" show... I kept visiting the website and putting tickets in my basket and then changing my mind. I'm fairly certain I'd have ended up going but the decision was made easier by Dean offering a spot on the guest list for me and Adam.

So Sunday morning, sun shining, we headed off on the train into Oxfordshire for Truck 14. We arrived and were treated to glittery/shiny "Artist & Entourage" wrist band and wandered around the festival killing time until Dean & Britta's performance. If I were to like festivals then I suspect Truck is exactly the sort of festival I'd like. It probably helped that it was not too crowded and Adam and I wandered between stages grabbing snacks on the way. We caught the lovely/dreamy/shoegazey Lanterns on The Lake, the sweet and funny Caitlin Rose, the earnest Alessi's Ark and then went and loitered backstage (we were "entourage" after all).

Dean & Britta @ Truck Festival

Dean & Britta's set kicked off at 5:30 in a tent, it was bright and sunny outside - which is a strange way to see a band. Adam and I positioned ourselves front and centre and the tent slowly filled up around us. I was kind of bothered by the fact that this show meant that I'd now seen Dean play Galaxie 500 more times than I saw Galaxie 500 play Galaxie 500 but when the band took to the stage it became clear that it really didn't bother me at all, maybe it helped knowing that next time I see them it'll be different.

This show was played as a three piece with Jason on drums, opened with Flowers and worked through a shortish set of gems Plastic Bird, When Will You Come Home, Blue Thunder, Tugboat etc. etc.) plucked from the bigger repository of gems. I've kind of given up trying to express how great it is to see this show and hear these songs.

Dean & Britta @ Truck Festival

The set closed with Ceremony and that was it, all done. Adam and I killed a bit of time watching Tuung from a distance then skipped off to catch one of the very few buses back to the station.

I took a stack of pictures - you can see a a few more of them on Flickr.