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Dean Wareham interviews Lauren Grodstein

Over on the excellent Largehearted Boy blog you can read an interview with author Lauren Grodstein carried out by Dean Wareham, across an ocean...

DW: You visited us on the road. Were you selling T-shirts for us that night when our dressing room was robbed (quite obviously by the security guards) at that London club?

LG: I was indeed. Before that night went precipitously downhill, a groupie came up to me and asked if I actually knew the band or if I just got to sell their t-shirts. When I said that I knew you guys, her eyes got wide and she asked how I figured out which one to sleep with while we are on the road. I said something like, "It's easy – I pick my husband," and her eyes got even wider. "Wow," she said. "That's so cool." Then she bought a t-shirt.

Read the whole interview on Largehearted Boy