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Dean & Britta bring the songs of Galaxie 500 to Chicago this weekend

After a couple of weeks break Dean & Britta are back on the road this weekend with two dates in the Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500 series of shows at the Lincoln Hall in Chicago.

There's a good interview with Dean by Greg Kot for the Chicago Tribune where he explains the reason for taking these songs on the road...

It made me realize I probably should’ve been playing more of these songs all along [...] but I didn't want Luna playing songs of my old band and it didn’t really occur to me to do an entire set of Galaxie 500 material until the promoter asked for it this year. But as we rehearsed the set for that one show, I realized that these songs still sound pretty good. I found my voice can still hit those high notes. And I figured if I don't do this now, then when?

Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500 is at The Lincoln Hall in Chicago on Friday and Saturday before heading to the UK next week to play in London and at Belle & Sebastian's Bowlie 2 festival in Minehead.