Video: Dean Wareham in “Pumpkin Hell” (2007)

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So... Hallowe'en comes around again and again it seemed apt to dig out Dean Wareham's performance in Pumpkin Hell. Sadly the film appears to have gone AWOL from the IFC site where it was previously hosted. Luckily I've managed to track down a copy and present it here for your delectation

The film was made in 2007 by Max Finneran and is...

a short coming-of-age horror film about sons, fathers and the roles they play and imagine for one another. Abandoned by his father at a highway-side pumpkin patch, an eleven year-old boy spends a peculiar and life changing night with the misfit proprietor of the patch.

[flashvideo file= width=480 height=360 /]

I do not have any right or permission to host this film - if you do and you object to me making it available then please get in touch and I'll gladly remove it.

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