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Audio: Dean & Britta WFMU session and interview

Just after returning from their 13 Most Beautiful show in London Dean & Britta popped into WFMU for an interview for the show Underwater Theme Park with Meghan. They performed a three song set comprising I'll Keep it with Mine, I Found it Not So, and Galaxie 500's Hearing Voices. They also chatted at length about 13 Most Beautiful, Galaxie 500 and anything else that popped up. The interview is lovingly punctuated with Meghan's laughter.

You can hear the show and see the playlist on the WFMU site - zip through to about 1hr 15mins in for the session and interview (here's a direct link to the mp3 of the full show).

There are also a few pictures on Flickr...

picture 2 | picture 3 | picture 4
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