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The Quietus interviews Dean Wareham

Online culture mag The Quietus has a lovely in-depth interview with Dean Wareham covering his whole career from Galaxie 500 "Leaving Galaxie 500 was a relief; I felt free. The problem there, beyond ego or personality or all the other petty stuff, was the very structure of the band" through his experiences of labels, both indie and major, and his thoughts on the music industry...

I used to come home from school and sit on my bed and listen to music; now of course teenagers have more modern distractions. Yes they listen to music, but it's only one of many choices. And as you say, they expect the music to be free.

... he also ponders his "achievements"

The achievements are the recordings, or at least the best of them, rather than the songs themselves. 'Tugboat' is a sliver of a song, two chords, a couple of interesting lines perhaps, but the recording has something magical to it. And I could say the same for '23 Minutes in Brussels' by Luna, or an obscure B-side like 'Egg Nog', one of the best things we ever put to tape.

Head over to The Quietus to read the whole interview
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