Reviews of the 13 Most Beautiful album

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The first couple of reviews of Dean & Britta's forthcoming double CD release of the music recorded for 13 Most Beuatiful have arrived. Adrian Pannett in Delusions of Adequacy has a lovely write up...

the true magic of the 13 Most Beautiful experiment has always been – and remains – within the impervious instrumental set-pieces.  Hence, the mesmeric “Ann Buchanan Theme” is still peerlessly touching; the twanging “Silver Factory Theme” and “Herringbone Tweed” still bring in deliciously dark-hued grooves; “Incandescent Innocent” still rumbles with latent dread; and “Richard Rheem Theme” still throbs with enigmatic electro-pulses, which are now enhanced by a warped-techno coda.

And have posted a scan from the latest issue of Mojo...

Cue taut, hazy, often narcoleptic Velvetsy strains that Wareham has historically carried into newly expressive spheres, heavy on reverb and echo to mirror the spellbound, chemically imbalanced stares and twitches of the subjects
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