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Fourth of July competition 2010

No bigger than a nickel

Back in 2008 I launched a new competition for art about or inspired by Galaxie 500's track Fourth of July. The first year was met with embarrassing silence and a grand total of zero entries. For 2009 I decided that the lack of a prize may have contributed to the competition's pathetic failure and decided to offload some duplicate CDs to the winning entry... and sure enough egged on by some of my off-casts the number of entries soared and the competiton was so fierce that in the end I made both entries winners!

So... welcome to year 3 of the AHFoW Fourth of July contest. The winning piece of art will, once again win a collection of crap that I have around that will probably include a couple of CDs and anything else I may be able to rustle up between now and then [prize donors welcome].

The Rules

Create a piece of art about or inspired by the Galaxie 500 song Fourth of July so, for example, it could be...

  • Poems about dog biscuits
  • Photos of poems on dog biscuits
  • Photos of small Empire State Buildings...
  • ... or large nickels

The lyrics are in the database and the song is in a million places on the internet - go hunt it down... and let your imagination run wild.

If entries are so copious that I have to categorise them they will fall into two broad categories...

  • Visual art (e.g. paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, videos)
  • Everything else (e.g. poems, stories, songs)

The winner will be chosen by me and my family and will be based on a number of criteria, most of which will have more to do with what makes us laugh (or cry) than jaw-dropping artistic-brilliance (although that would be appreciated too of course). It's just for a laugh so have some fun.

Entries in email, or as links to web sites (e.g. blogs/Flickr/YouTube etc.) or in the comments here if you prefer!

Competition closes on 3 July and winners will be announced on the 4th.