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Pre-order Galaxie 500 deluxe reissues and get the music early

On 22 March Domino Records will be re-issuing the three Galaxie 500 studio albums on vinyl (with download voucher) and double CD packages. If you pre-order the albums from Domino by March 7th you will be able to download the tracks on March 8th (two weeks before release).

The CD issues are all released with bonus discs: Today comes with the Uncollected disc that was first made available as part of the Ryko box set and was subsequently released by Rykodisc as a single CD; On Fire comes with the Galaxie 500 Peel Sessions album (previously released in the US on 20|20|20 and This is Our Music comes with the Copenhagen live album previously released by Rykodisc. The vinyl editions don't include the bonus discs but do include a download voucher for mp3s.

Even if you have already all of this it's worth heading over to the Domino site to read the three essays written for the albums - in particular the lovely one written for Today by Stewart Lee...

I had a new life in a shared flat way out west, and a walkman primed with a tape of Today soundtracked a year of snowy winters, data input jobs in offices on industrial estates, and cigarettes smoked on night bus journeys back from unpaid open-mike stand-up gigs in far flung corners of the city. I saw Galaxie 500 three times in 1990, every gig a transcendental experience, and I clocked the back of my own head bobbing on live TV footage of a show in Ladbroke Grove.