Dean writes about scoring 13 Most Beautiful

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photo by pirlouiiiit
photo by pirlouiiiit

Dean Wareham has a in-depth article on the BOMB Magazine website detailing the process of selecting and scoring the Warhol Screen Tests used in 13 Most Beautiful.

I came home from the museum with a reel of about 40 Screen Tests, and we started thinking about music, watching individual Screen Tests, throwing different pieces of temp music at them, sometimes a cover or a half-finished song we had sitting about, and sometimes picking up guitar and keyboard and trying to conjure something simply as a response to the subject’s actions on screen. Narrowing the selection to 13 was difficult. We had to let go of a number of great subjects—Ivy Nicholson, Imu, Amy Taubin, Salvador Dalí.

Read the full essay on the BOMB Magazinbe website.