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Dean & Britta Carnegie Hall round up

Dean Wareham
Dean Wareham

I know I don't do this for every concert but... it was a special night (for me at least) so in honour of that here's a round-up of what's out there on the Internet about Dean & Britta's recent show at The Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline.

Show organiser Lindsay Hutton who suggested the show to The Carnegie Hall has a post on Next Big Thing...

In terms of mellifluous guitar, there simply isn't anyone that hits the intersecting vein between Tom Verlaine and the racket we must attribute to Lou reed and Sterling Morrison like Dean Wareham. The program is curated brilliantly and it requires the same of the location it plays at.

Scottish independent music magazine Is This Music? has a review and also a nice set of pictures on Flickr

But is it art? For a casual music fan it’s some great indiepop combining the best bits of Luna / Galaxie 500 that just happens to have a film show as an added bonus. Serious art historians will see it as a display of seminal pop art with a pretty authentic VU-themed score. Either way, everyone wins.

Scottish newspaper The Scotsman has a short review on their website...

"Moving portraits" of figures like Reed, Edie Sedgwick and Dennis Hopper, who magnetises the screen with his flickering expressions of pain and rage, they allow us to recognise the individuals by their body language and facial ticks as well as their features.

Murray Ramone has immortalised the evening in song - check it out at his MySpace page and check the lyrics out on the blog post...

and after the show was over
dean came over to chat to andy
I wonder if he did know or remember
the optrex that came in so handy, back in dublin

Over on YouTube there are a couple of videos [one, two] shot from the balcony...

There's a short review in the Dunfermline Press...

13 Most Beautiful...works not only as a touching musical homage but a piercing glance into the social history of the 1960s New York Art scene. Mesmerising stuff.


I'll add to this post with anything else that might turn up...