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Interview with Dean Wareham on Make Major Moves

Philadelphia Weekly's music blog Make Major Moves has just posted part one of a long Q&A with Dean Wareham. Mostly discussing the writing process and content of Black Postcards...

I think at a certain point I realized that several people are going to be upset by this and by that, and if I went back and took out every thing that was going to upset somebody, it would just be a puff-piece and not a very interesting book. And I think part of the larger point I was trying to make about being in a band is that it’s all about conflict. And so I wanted to go into some of that conflict.

Read part one of the Dean Wareham interview at Make Major Moves. Part two will be published tomorrow.

UPDATE: Part two of the interview is online now - more talk about the book, about 13 Most Beautiful and about Galaxie 500...

It’s hard to sing those songs, too. I feel like I need to cough, and I sing real high. Your voice naturally lowers as you get older, I think. And also, I didn’t know how to sing at all in Galaxie 500 [...] That’s absolutely part of the charm of it, when people say, you know, the vocals on the first Galaxie 500 album sound like I’m singing from outer space. I think I was thrown out there in front of a microphone and I’d never really been in that situation, I hadn’t practiced in front of a microphone, and I only got one take of everything. I’ve since learned that it’s on the third take that I start to get it good. It’s never the first. Sometimes the second. With vocals, that is.

Read part two of the Dean Wareham Interview at Make Major Moves.