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Britta blogs the election

Britta has just put her election diary on the Dean & Britta MySpace blog...

As we were approaching NYC at around 10:30p.m., we heard on the radio that the crowd in Times Square was getting really huge so we drove straight there. It was pretty cool, but people were still holding their breath waiting for the final results. We were all tired, so I dropped the guys off and headed home to the east village. A minute later, they called it for Obama. When I got back home to the east village, there was a beautiful riot/parade just getting started in the streets. I crawled into bed to watch Obama's acceptance speech, but the noise outside our window grew until it tripled the usual NY's Eve celebratory din. Dean and I had to go outside and have a look around. People were going crazy: chanting, cheering, blocking traffic, horns honking, crawling on cars. It was like we were in Venezuela or something.... Pretty thrilling. Patriots gone wild!