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Oblivious (alternate version)

The short version...

I've decided that the current Oblivious forum isn't working and am trying a different angle. So as of about now Oblivious the forum no longer exists - but Oblivious the "social network" is born - please come and sign up.

My apologies to you all for the change, particularly to the one new member who only signed up a day or two back! (if you prefer there is also the Galaxie 500 Mailing List - 13 years old and counting)

Read on for a more detailed explanation of my decision...

The long version...

Here are some statistics...

In the 121 days that the forum has existed there have been 52 posts by 26 registered users - 19 of which were by me, so if we take me out of the pot that works out at just under one post every 4 days - take away the initial flurry of usage and things look even more miserable. Based on this and my dislike for the forum software (phpBB), I've decided that the time has come to dismiss another attempt at community as a failure. I'd like to thank all of you who gave it a go for taking a shot at it.

I may be a quitter, but I'm also bizarrely persistent so rather than toning down my ambitions I've decided to go the other way and have a shot at a full on social network - A Head Full of Wishes' own Facebook or MySpace if you will. I'm using a third party set-up called Ning which seems reasonably mature and capable.

I suspect that maybe the problem is that there just isn't too much desire for an online community based around such a niche as AHFoW is but I thought I'd take a crack at it anyway.

If you have already signed up for another Ning network you can log-in using the same username/password - otherwise follow this link and join me and see if we can make something out of this.

Thanks again for trying and I look forward to seeing you on Oblivious (alternate version)