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Damon & Naomi news update

Damon & Naomi 2008 tour poster by Iker Spozio

All of this is merely a scarcely re-versioned news report that was recently posted on Damon & Naomi's web site so you may want to head over there to read it...

Damon & Naomi's very excellent debut album More Sad Hits is being reissued on their own 20|20|20 label - remastered onto CD and LP and "the best this record ever sounded" it will hopefully be available to buy on their upcoming tour with Masaki Batoh & Helena Espvall. Also available on the tour will be a(nother) lovely Iker Spozio limited edition poster and a cool looking Gary Graham designed T-shirt (Gary Graham previously designed Naomi's wardrobe for their Boris tour).

Damon's book of prose poetry "The Memory Theater Burned" is getting published in French under the title "Lisez-moi," by Editions de l'Attente in Bordeaux.

The Damon & Naomi track Stars Never Fade was recently used in an episode of CBS legal drama Shark - you might be able to watch it over at the CBS website...I couldn't...

And finally French photographer Cedrick Eymenier has made this rather lovely video for the track Within These Walls...