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Dean & Britta near their home in Manhattan’s East Village in 2006. (Photo: Michael Lavine)
(Photo: Michael Lavine)

An Excerpt from Dean Wareham's book is on the Men's Vogue website. A diary of a rock 'n' roll divorce covers the period when Britta joined Luna and Dean's subsequent divorce from his wife Claudia. There's a few nice but small photos to accompany it (one of which I've ripped off here!)...

After all the auditions, my bandmates and I stood outside on Avenue A to pick our new bassist. Our drummer, Lee, was sure that we should hire Britta. I was leaning that way. Sean, who played guitar, was on the fence. This was as close to a unanimous decision as we were going to get. It would be the first time a girl was part of our lineup.

"Listen," I said. "No hanky-panky. If anyone gets involved with her, they're out of the band."

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