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Variations EP sleeve scan

Dean & Britta have a download only EP coming out soon that features a number of remixes of tracks from their Back Numbers album (and one new track) by Sonic Boom, Sand Pebbles, Richard Formby, My Robot Friend amongst others. You can hear the Scott Hardkiss remix of Singer Sing on their MySpace page.

The EP will be released on the 29 January and will be available from Amazon (where you can currently here short previews of all the tracks). I guess it will probably turn up on iTunes around the same time.

Full track listing...
* Singer Sing (Scott Hardkiss remix)
* Say Goodnight (My Robot Friend remix)
* Our Love Will Still Be There (Britta Phillips remix) (Reg Presley)
* Wait For Me (Sonic Boom remix) (Dean Wareham)
* Words You Used To Say (Sand Pebbles remix)
* Song Of You (Tony Visconti remix)
* Singer Sing (Richard Formby remix)

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On Fire 30 CD sleeve (design: John Conley)
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