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Dean & Britta tour Northern Europe – Part I

Dean has posted an article on the Dean & Britta blog (the real one not the MySpace one although I guess it'll go there as well) summarising the first part of their European tour...

We set out for Newark airport on Thanksgiving day, 2007, flying SAS to Copenhagen, the first stop on our tour of Northern Europe. We were four – Britta and myself, our drummer Anthony LaMarca, and keyboard player Ben Freeman. There would be no crew traveling with us, so in addition to being the singer I was tour manager and would do the bulk of the driving. Ben was the designated navigator. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

and he managed to squeeze in a plug for the book as well...

It was dark when we arrived in Copenhagen, and we were happy to find a van to take us to our humble hotel, the Hotel Saga, located behind Copenhagen’s main train station. I am familiar with this area, I had wandered around these streets in 1991 after the one and only Galaxie 500 show in this city. But that’s another story, one told more fully in my book.

You can pre-order the book from A Shop Full of Wishes