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Black Postcards: A Rock & Roll Romance by Dean Wareham

When Luna were on that final tour one of Dean Wareham’s regular answers to the “What will you do next?” question was generally along the lines of this one from Stylus

I’ve been thinking about collecting my tour diaries and trying to write a book. But it’s hard work. I can see that. I have a lot of respect for people who can do that.

Well the book is finished and is now available to pre-order from A Shop Full of Wishes (which is a skinned up Amazon or the real Amazon if you prefer). The release date is 13 March 2008 so you may decide to leave your money in your own bank account to earn some interest before handing it over to Amazon - but it’s worth heading on over to take a look at the blurb…

A wickedly honest and unsparing account of a journey through the music world-the artistry and the hustle, the effortless success and the high living as well as the bitter pills and self-inflicted wounds-by a brilliant and fearless participant-observer, Black Postcards is absurdly rich in rewards for anyone who was ever in a band or just took an interest in indie music over the past twenty years-a sort of Kitchen Confidential written by a different species of front man.