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Independent UK based music magazine Bearded has a one page feature on Galaxie 500 in it's second edition. You can download the magazine for free from their website, although you need to register and answer some mildly intrusive questions along the lines of "how much do you spend on clothes?"

The best covers always add something to a song that was not originally there, or reinterpret a work in a refreshingly different style. In my humble opinion, Galaxie 500 were the masters of the cover. My own introduction to the band came in the form of ‘Ceremony’, a cover of New Order’s debut single, and I was hooked from that moment on.
Sam Lusardi - Bearded Magazine

The magazine can also be bought in hard-copy from independent record stores around the UK and online.

On Fire | 30

A 30th anniversary celebration of Galaxie 500's masterpiece

On Fire 30 CD sleeve (design: John Conley)
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