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Audio: Cagney & Lacee - Borderline

Cagney & Lacee - Borderline
Cagney & Lacee - Borderline

Before Dean & Britta there was Cagney & Lacee. Dean Wareham’s side project with his then wife Claudia Silver. Over the course of a couple of years they released a couple of singles and an album of cover versions. Borderline was the second single and was released as part of the very lovely Earworm Records 1998 subscription series. It was a big fat hunk of white vinyl with two tracks on one side at 33 rpm and a platter of nothing on the flip.

Borderline is Dean’s first dip into Madonna’s catalogue a full five years before Dean & Britta released I Deserve It on L’Avventura - it’s a sweet take on the track. The other track on the single “Orange” is the only Silver/Wareham original to get a release before the side project was shelved.

This recording is lifted from my 7” copy and doesn’t sound as good as it should but it’s the best my kit was willing to offer - if anyone has a better rip please let me know!

I normally avoid putting up music that has had a commercial release but as this is long since out of print and is showing no signs of turning up anywhere else I though it deserved to see the light of day