A Head Full of Wishes

A Head Full of Wishes is a site for Galaxie 500, Luna, Damon & Naomi, Dean & Britta and Dean Wareham. With news, articles and lists of releases and past and future shows.

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All over the Internet like a rash

In my ongoing effort to spray A Head Full of Wishes all over the Internet and to open up eyes to all that’s great about Galaxie 500 (and all that happened since), I have now created the A Head Full of Wishes group on YouTube - I’ve no idea if anyone ever uses the groups on YouTube - I’ve been a member for ages and never have - but…it’s there now - post your videos and talk about them - if it takes your fancy.

The Flickr group is coming along nicely and has some lovely pictures in the pool, and the Last.fm group is slowly growing. So if you’re a member of any of these sites please come and join up.