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Dean & Britta album "finished"

There’s a short news item on Dean & Britta’s website announcing that the next album is “finished”. They have recorded 15 songs and will cut these down to 11 for an album release.

Sonic Boom recorded on a number of songs and can be seen squatting on the floor of Dean & Britta’s “home studio” in a couple of short videos also on Dean & Britta’s website

… On that note - I’m in town to record some stuff on the new Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips l.p. that they are making with Tony Visconti in New York. The initial recordings promise another stunningly beautiful record and the vibe is very blissfully mellow in a kinda valium sorta way. The sessions include a song co-written by me with D & B over the last two years. We’ll also no doubt be working on the lp we’ve been collaborating on as a joint project since ‘05.
Sonic Boom