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Damon & Naomi news

Damon & Naomi’s official newsletter also burst into life this week with the following information.

The new issue of Giant Robot, the great magazine from LA about all things more or less Asian, features Naomi’s tour diary from Taiwan and Japan, with lots of photos. Look for their 10th Anniversary issue, on the stands now. Naomi’s photos will also be on display at the Giant Robot 10 Year Anniversary show at GR2 Store in L.A., opening July 3rd.

Damon’s book, “The Memory Theater Burned,” will be published October 5 by Turtle Point Press (distributed by D.A.P.).


To celebrate the publication Damon will be reading at a series of events, starting with a party at the NYC record store Other Music.It looks like Ghost will be coming to the USA for a tour in September! Dates and locations to be confirmed, but expect Damon & Naomi to join the bill in New York and Boston.

Finally, the mixes for Damon & Naomi’s new album might at long last be ready. Release details not yet available, but you’ll be the first to know!

source: http://www.damonandnaomi.com