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Happy New Year

Not really news but wishing anyone who cares a happy 2004. This year we should have the following to look forward to…A new Luna album has been mentioned as being “prepared” - a few new songs have been slipping out during their recent shows including one sung by Sean.A new Damon & Naomi album - Damon & Naomi’s website teases with the news that “Damon & Naomi have been in the studio with Michio Kurihara working on a new album” - a bunch of new songs were showcased at their recent London show.A Galaxie 500 DVD - Damon & Naomi launched a “treasure hunt” for Galaxie 500 video material with the intention of compiling and releasing a DVD. While in London I spoke briefly to them about this and they seemed pretty certain that the project would see the light this year.Should be a good year.