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The Galaxie 500 Video Archive

There are plans afoot to try and collect as much video footage of Galaxie 500 as possible, primarily so that the material can be collected and preserved/digitised but also with a view to releasing a DVD at some point in the future.

In order to get hold of the material Damon & Naomi are asking that if anyone has ANY video of Galaxie 500 - either bootleg or from TV broadcast - if they could possibly send it to them. Preferably the master material rather than copies in PAL or NTSC format

Additionally if you have any information or recollections of Galaxie 500 TV appearances that would be really appreciated providing as much detail as possible (country, channel, programme, date etc.)

Any original tapes sent will be returned if required.

Please send videos to:

The Galaxie 500 Video Archive
c/o Exact Change
5 Brewster Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Europeans can, if they prefer, cut down on postage costs by sending them to

The Galaxie 500 Video Archive
c/o Andy Aldridge
85 Studley Grange Road
W7 2LU

and I’ll make sure that the videos reach Damon & Naomi.

If you require the tapes returned could you please mark them clearly with your name and address - probably best stuck to the tape case/box.

Any enquiries can be emailed to video@exactchange.com