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Video: Galaxie 500 on Snub TV

(Tx: 22 January 1990)

OK, this is a bit of an experiment but this months “track of the month” is a bit of video of Galaxie 500 being interviewed on (sadly missed) British TV show Snub TV. The short interview is followed by a live performance of Snowstorm filmed at The Subteranea in London on 13th December 1989.

NAOMI: We kind of, I think, just play one thing for a long time when we’re first working on a song, and then we sort of… it sort of gets boiled down, and then we try to add, you know, variation into it…
DEAN: Not much variation, sometimes it’s verse-verse-chorus, sometimes it’s verse-chorus-verse-chorus.
NAOMI: No but I mean, you know, within what we’re playing. Just, like, changing things a little, and when we record we have the opportunity to add other layers on, but I think it’s really kind of concentrated from what we start with, and that’s how it sounds the way it does <laugh>.
DAMON: People don’t live and die for music either in America, I think it’s a very rare thing, there’s no youth culture to speak of that’s centered around music in the way it seems over here. One thing in America we don’t have… there’s an attitude we’ve encountered here about about “pop” music that I don’t think we have, which is that people think that pop music is an art form over here, and that doesn’t exist in America, you know, America is very straightforward…
NAOMI: They never write in an American review “this is a GREAT pop song”, you know it’s like an oxymoron.
DAMON: And over here a lot of places are run by kids and that’s very nice, in fact a lot of things are run by kids, people at the record company are really young, and you guys are really young, and you know, that’s different.