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Early Morning, Tynemouth - September 2020
Early Morning, Tynemouth - September 2020

Not too sure how this has slipped through the lost tracks net but it seems it has. Early Morning’s only appearance was as the b-side of Luna’s cover of In The Flesh when it was released on Trade2 records back in 1997.

It’s another of those relentlessly trippy instrumental that the band seemed to be able to trot out at will (cf. The Enabler, Seven Eleven, Bob le Flambeur and more recently most of A Place of Greater Safety)

Apologies for the crackly vinyl rip - I can’t remember when I did this and since my vinyl is all packed up ready for the move it’s the best you’ll get (unless someone has a better copy and shares it with me).

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Watching Luna
Watching Luna

I thought it might be fun to sit down together and re-watch Luna’s live streamed concert before it slips off Veeps and into the ether on Sunday night so… I’ve scheduled two events where we can all hit play together and watch and banter (it looks like the Veeps chat still works) … or just watch.

You need to have already bought a ticket for the show - you can probably still do that - and you can rewatch any time you like up until Sunday night.

Luna live stream re-watch (Saturday)

This is the first of two live stream re-watches I’ve scheduled - this one is for Saturday

  • Los Angeles Sat 13:00
  • New York Sat 16:00
  • UK/Portugal Sat 21:00
  • Most of EU Sat 22:00
  • Aus/NZ early on Sunday morning!

Everywhere else go here and find out when Saturday’s rewatch is for you.

Facebook event for Saturday’s re-watch.

Luna live stream re-watch (Sunday)

This is the second of two live stream re-watches I’ve scheduled - this one is for Sunday

  • Los Angeles Sun 14:00
  • New York Sun 17:00
  • UK/Portugal Sun 22:00
  • Most of EU Sun 23:00
  • Aus/NZ early on Monday morning!

Everywhere else go here and find out when Sunday’s rewatch is for you.

Facebook event for Sunday’s re-watch.

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Luna live at Gold Diggers
Luna live at Gold Diggers

On Saturday night Luna played their first show for over a year - sadly no one could be in the room with them. Happily we could all be in our room with them. Unlike Dean & Britta’s cosy live stream shows from their living room last year Luna’s was a multi-camera shoot in a real club, Gold Diggers in Los Angeles.

The show opened with a couple of pre-recorded videos. The first was their fantastic take on Television’s Marquee Moon that crept out last year just about when we all really needed it. The second video was the world premiere of the band’s cover of David Bowie’s Starman - no sign of this turning up on YouTube (or Bandcamp) yet - but … fingers crossed.

Pre-recorded segment over and we cut to the band live on-stage (and spilling off the stage) in Gold Diggers. Lee was the one confident that they were live and counted in - the band started Slide - well, all except Sean who seemed to be expecting something else - but he was soon inline and the band were off and running and sounding as tight as we know they are.

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CD booklet for Damon & Naomi in London 2001
CD booklet for Damon & Naomi in London 2001

Twenty years ago Damon & Naomi with Michio Kurihara played a splendid show at The Garage in London - you can download the full show here

Here are a few memories from that show.

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OK … so here’s a half-baked idea (I have so many)…

Here are some facts

  • In the early hours of Sunday morning UK time Luna are playing a show - live streamed from a club in LA - I intend staying up for it.
  • If this was a regular Luna gig (in a place I was in) I’d have tried to organise a pre-gig get-together - these have, over the years, had varying levels of success - some with a splendid turnout - one where it was literally just me!!
  • The show starts at 2am my time (3am for some other folk in Europe, and a more sensible time for most of the rest of you - including over croissants and coffee in Australia!!)

So … how can I keep myself occupied until 2am and simulate a pre-gig get-together?

How about listening to and chatting over a recording of one of my favourite Luna shows of old?

So at midnight (BST) over on YouTube AHFoW will stream the now almost legendary Luna show from The Borderline in London in 1993 - featuring Dean, Sean, Justin, Stanley … and IWEG*

It runs for 70 mins so will finish at 20 minutes before the Veeps room opens for the show - so time for a wee and to grab a beer, coffee, croissant before the main event!

This link will tell you the time wherever you are.

Come and join me - and we can listen, and chat.

Luna at The Borderline in London in 1993
  • IWEG = I Want Everything Girl … she’s from Colchester you know!

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Damon & Naomi at Cafe OTO, May 2011 (cc) Andy Aldridge
Damon & Naomi at Cafe OTO, May 2011 (cc) Andy Aldridge

Ten years ago today, while in London, Damon & Naomi and ace guitarist Michio Kurihara popped into the Xfm studios to record this session. They played three tracks from their then most recent album False Beats and True Hearts and then a cover of The Rolling Stones’ Shine a Light.

Later that evening it was to Cafe OTO for another lovely show.

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Twenty six years ago tonight Luna headlined a show at The Borderline in London. My memories of the show are hazy - 26 years is a long time - I was at the show with my pals Jackie and Stuart (and maybe Ken?). The thing that stuck in my head was that this was the show that Laetitia Sadier joined the band to perform their cover of Bonnie & Clyde - I’m not sure but this might have been the only time this was performed live with Laetitia (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).

While I say that it stuck in my head I had started to wonder if it was a dream until back in 2010 David Rose wrote up the show for his Gig Diairies blog.

Luna themselves came on at 9.45 and played an hour-long set of splendid atmospheric strumalong rock of the slightly wild West, left-field variety, and were totally at home in this venue. Highlights were the mesmeric “Friendly Advice” and the more in-your-face “Angel” (Luna? In your face? Oh yes!). Dean, joined by Stereolab’s Laetitia for the French duet of “Bonnie And Clyde”, led Luna through a little jewel of a set, far punchier than their more laid-back recorded output, and all the more precious for being unexpected! David Rose’s Gig Diaries

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I’ve covered Dean’s extracurricular jobs before either as a musician or an actor but here’s a couple that slipped the net - Dean appearing in other bands videos.

First up the lovely video for The Hong Kong’s Tongue Tied which has Dean being Clyde Barrow to Catherine Culpepper’s Bonnie Parker (or is he being Warren Beatty to Catherine’s Faye Dunaway?)

The Hong Kong - Tongue Tied

Next, Dean having a breakdown of sorts in the video for Hospitality’s Going Out - and Britta coming to the rescue.

Hospitality - Going Out

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Both Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips put in appearances on the latest release from Anthony LaMarca’s The Building - Indianola Pizza Dough is available to buy now on vinyl or cassette (or digital) over on Bandcamp.

Indianola Pizza Dough - The Building
Indianola Pizza Dough - The Building

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We used to sing this in another band Damon Krukowski, Berlin 2016

Five years ago today, shortly after Damon fell down some stairs in London and was forced to abandon their show at Cafe OTO in London, Damon & Naomi played a lovely show in Berlin.

After first accompanying Fortune they then played a few extra songs, inlcuding finishing the evening with a sublime cover of Galaxie 500’s cover of Yoko Ono’s Listen The Snow is Falling

Damon & Naomi - Listen The Snow is Falling, live in Berlin in 2016

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