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Damon & Naomi - A Sky Record Companion
Damon & Naomi - A Sky Record Companion

Here are a few bits and pieces that have appeared since Damon & Naomi’s gorgeous A Sky Record was released a couple of months back:


  • Tyler Wilcox reviews the album for Aquarium Drunkard

    This is one of Damon & Naomi’s most purely gorgeous sounding records — and considering the glories of what’s come before, that’s a real accomplishment.

  • Louder Than War gives the album 4/5

    There isn’t a dramatic re-invention here, picking up at a similar end point. But there’s renewed clarity and purpose with A Sky Record all the same.

  • Pitchfork give the album 7.2

    A Sky Record is especially generous with Kurihara’s majestic guitar, which is as much of a draw as Damon & Naomi’s calming melodies.

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You can still watch the lovely film they made at The Peabody Essex Museum premiering the album

PEM Presents: Damon & Naomi

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Dean Wareham’s covid-cancelled … plays Galaixe 500 tour of early 2020 is looking like it might finally go ahead after (at least) two postponements. The UK dates have mostly been rearranged (although there doesn’t seem to be one scheduled for the North West as yet) for late January / early February and he has also added dates in France, Germany, Norway and Spain. There are still a few gaps in the schedule so there may ne more dates to come.

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Damon & Naomi / Aquarium Drunkard
Damon & Naomi / Aquarium Drunkard

Damon and Naomi are the guests on the latest edition of the Aquarium Drunkard podcast

Our talk covers the duo’s days in Galaxie 500, Naomi’s interest in boxing, Damon’s ever fascinating and insightful takes on the state of the industry, and their gorgeous new album, A Sky Record.

Damon has also recently launched a Substack newsletter, The Dada Drummer Almanach which promises…

new music, old music, my own music, my friends’ music, music I’ve found while traveling on tour, music that’s found me at the flea market, record store, or on my favorite AM radio station (there is still one where I live, in Cambridge MA, although at night it’s only audible within a mile or so of the transmitting tower).

I’ll be writing about sounds I hear at art exhibitions, in books, in my garden, and in my head (no drummer doesn’t have at least a touch of tinnitus).

I’ll be writing about drums.

You can sign-up for free, or pay $5 per month and join Damon in subscriber-only roundtables.

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Dean Warheam - Just as Much as It Was Worth
Dean Warheam - Just as Much as It Was Worth

Dean Wareham has just shared another track from his forthcoming album I Have Nothing To Say To The Mayor of L.A. accompanied by a lovely new video directed by Judith Berndsen and edited by Britta Phillips.

Just as Much as It Was Worth (video)

Just as Much As It Was Worth is the third track from the album following on from The Past is Our Plaything and Cashing In.

You can pre-order the album from Dean’s website or from record stores - in the UK it is available to order from Norman Records.

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Dean Wareham has just released a new track from his forthcoming album I Have Nothing to Say to The Mayor of L.A.

The track Cashing In is accompanied by a video by L.A. based experimental filmmaker Leanna Kaiser:

Dean Wareham - Cashing In

You can also listen to the track in all the usual places.

The new album will be released on 15th October and can be pre-ordered from Dean’s online shop in an exclusive cherry coloured vinyl.

Featuring Britta on bass and synth, Roger Brogan on drums, and yours truly on guitar and also playing my new “Hooky” 6-string bass in the coda, Peter Hook’s signature model now made by Eastwood guitars. If you watch video of old New Order gigs you realize that so many of the memorable guitar lines were in fact played by Peter Hook on this instrument.

Dean Wareham -  Cashing In screengrab
Dean Wareham - Cashing In screengrab

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Luna at the WTC - 1st August 2001
Luna at the WTC - 1st August 2001

I’m sure there’ll be plenty of people remembering the events of the 11th September 2001 but since my memories are tied in with Luna I thought I’d just post something here.

On the 1st August 2001 (Dean’s birthday) Luna, then very much a New York band, played a show on the Center Stage at The Twin Towers - just over a month later the world was changed by the events. All the photos in this post are from that show (most, possibly all, by Pablo Chang - if you spot one of yours, uncredited, do shout).

Back then the Galaxie 500 Mailing List was still a fairly vibrant discussion forum, mostly full of Luna fans, many of whom were from NYC so the events that played out in the city on that day were documented somewhat on the mailing list.

One of the active members of the list, Steve, was known to work in WTC2, and all Luna band members lived in the city. While it didn’t need this connection to be affected by the events it did rather bring it home, even to the folk whose home was far away.

Looking through the mailing list archives of that day here are a few of the posts. I hope no one minds me re-posting their words.

Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 16:43:32 +0100
Subject: current events

With what I’ve been watching and reading over the last 2/3 hours, and the sickness and fear (for the world as a whole) I feel I just wanted to say that I hope all NYC listmembers are safe.

I fear the world will not be the same again.


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Dean Wareham - I Have Nothing to Say to The Mayor of L.A.
Dean Wareham - I Have Nothing to Say to The Mayor of L.A.

Dean Wareham will be releasing his second solo album on 15th October and has just released the first track from the album, The Past Is Our Plaything, with a new video directed by Alexandra Cabral.

The album, I Have Nothing to Say to The Mayor of L.A., will be released on Dean & Britta’s Double Feature Records.

A coloured vinyl copy is available exclusively through Dean Wareham’s shop and can be pre-ordered now.

The Past Is Our Plaything

While you’re at Dean’s shop you might also want to grab the LP version of Dean & Britta’s Quarantime Tapes that was previously only released as a very rare box set of lathe cut singles.

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So… another Bandcamp Friday and another opportunity to throw a few extra pennies into your favourite bands’ purses!

Last year I threw together this page collecting together as many AHFoW related releases I could finc on Bandcamp so this is just me pulling out a couple of highlights:

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Damon & Naomi have released the third single from their new album A Sky Record with a video directed by Naomi and fashion designer Gary Graham,

Damon & Naomi - The Aftertime (Gary Graham / Naomi Yang)

The video was premiered on Brooklyn Vegan:

The video for “The Aftertime” was directed by Naomi and fashion designer and artist Gary Graham. “Gary Graham and I have worked together for almost 15 years,” says Naomi. “I wear his clothing every day and on stage and I have collaborated with him on many videos for his brand, GaryGraham422. ‘The Aftertime’ is a song about the kind of freedom you can give back to yourself, after emerging from a challenging situation — be it a relationship or a year and a half of lockdown…”

Gary adds, “The original idea was about a squatter who begins overlaying her own imaginary world onto an abandoned building. I love the interior landscapes and the seascape and the castle wallpaper — our castles, the interior/exterior worlds we occupy. Naomi’s voice is like an heirloom siren call, the chanteuse as trickster from a faraway place. That place is where Damon & Naomi live, a place that offers a new hypnotic understanding of time, of getting to see how long the sun lasts.”

A Sky Record is released as a book and digital download on Friday via Bandcamp (and elswhere later in the month).

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A collection of AHFoW related releases on Bandcamp

A collection of AHFoW related releases on Bandcamp
Bandcamp releases

On Fire | 30

A 30th anniversary celebration of Galaxie 500's masterpiece

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