This Mailing List is for fans of Galaxie 500 and Luna to exchange news,opinions and any other information that may be of interest.
Basically my aim is to have a fairly open discussion group touching on asmany topics as the subscribers feel is relevant.

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The small print

  1. No personal abuse - if you need to abuse someone - which you reallyshouldn't! - PLEASE do it in personal email, not on the list.
  2. No binaries/attachments - binaries are huge and of limited interest -ifyou have a picture or sound you'd particularly like to share with the listsend it to me ( and I'll make it available on the webpage.
  3. Keep quoting to a minimum - when replying to a post only quote the partsthat are relevant - NOT the whole post.
  4. Keep on-topic - this is really up to your judgement - I'm quite happy totalk of any bands that you may think are suitable to the list - so I'd sayON-TOPIC is anything musical - but give it some thought before you post.
  5. Is it of interest to the WHOLE list - if you are replying to a post andit is only of interest to the person who posted it (such as trades, ridesetc.) please reply in personal email, not on the list.

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