Masaki Batoh: guitar vocals - Damon Krukowski: guitar, percussion, backing vocals - Michio Kurihara: electric guitar - Naomi Yang: bass, vocals, harmonium Recorded live by paul hilcoff at TT the Bears Cambridge, Massachusetts April 9, 1998 Thanks to Bily Ruane, Phil McMullen and Ptolemaic Terrascope Photograph and design: Naomi Yang Label Illustration: Yumiko Yada Limited number on clear vinyl Andrea Troolin / Grimsey, 28 Bartlett St #4, Beverly MA 01915, USA

Grimsey (1999)

  • Grimsey (1999)
  • Format: 7"
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue / Yoo Doo Right

On Fire | 30

A 30th anniversary celebration of Galaxie 500's masterpiece

On Fire 30 CD sleeve (design: John Conley)
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