A Head Full of Wishes survey results 2018

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The results of the 2018 A Head Full of Wishes survey are in - thanks to the 100 folk who responded from 19 different countries. I have been in touch with the two whose names were pulled out of the hat - if you haven't heard from me... better luck next time!

You can see the summary results and a spreadsheet of results from the last few years.

Galaxie 500

Once again On Fire topped the album poll getting well over half the total votes cast making its lead more emphatic than ever. In the votes for favourite track and just like last year there was a tie for first place between Tugboat and Fourth of July. Perhaps interestingly in light of Damon's analysis of Galaxie 500 streaming trends from this year (song streams by Galaxie 500, about Galaxie 500 streaming), Strange has moved above Blue Thunder into third place (in 2016 Strange wasn't in the top five).

Galaxie 500 survey summary
Galaxie 500 survey summary
First three tracks on a typical cold Boston day. Nothing says slow motion like thinking of Dean’s car and an impending snowstorm.
Survey voter on On Fire


No surprises in the Luna votes as 23 Minutes in Brussels was comfortably ahead of the rest of the pack for favourite track and Penthouse topped the album poll. This year however saw Bewitched giving a strong showing in second place, finishing just three votes shy of Penthouse (last year it was a distant 20 votes off the pace) - maybe were heading for a surprise next year!?

Luna survey summary
Luna survey summary
Because it’s so perfect. It was hard, because Pup Tent and Rendezvous are close seconds, but Penthouse is a masterpiece.
Survey voter on Penthouse

Damon & Naomi

More Sad Hits topped the album poll but this year saw a stronger than usual showing in the following pack - with With Ghost getting almost a quarter of the votes, and Wondrous World and Playback Singers showing better than in previous years. This Car Climbed Mt. Washington topped the track poll, as it always does - with E.T.A. pushing up behind.

Damon & Naomi survey summary
Damon & Naomi survey summary
I just simply can’t get over how perfect E.T.A. is.
Survey voter on More Sad Hits

Dean & Britta

L'Avventura took two thirds of the album votes for favourite Dean & Britta album and Night Nurse was again a long way ahead of the competition.

Dean & Britta survey summary
Dean & Britta survey summary

Dean Wareham

Dean's eponymous album topped the album poll. The new Dean Wareham vs. Cheval Sombre album put in a string showing for an album arriving so late at the starting line. Holding Pattern came out top in the favourite track poll (which has a different winner every year). Wayfaring Stranger from the new album found its way into the top 10.

Dean Wareham survey summary
Dean Wareham survey summary

Summing up

Thanks again to everyone for contributing - and thanks for so many nice things that were said in the comments box - I don't do it to fish for compliments but it is lovely to get them all the same! This one struck me...

I've been filling this survey out since I was in my 20s. That's surreal.

And just to back up that here's a chart showing how we've aged - from 2003 when 18% of us were over 40 to 2018 when over 80% of us are!

Oh! How old we've got!
Oh! How old we've got!

Thank you to you all - it's been an absolute joy growing old with you!

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