I had a blast putting the 30th birthday Galaxie 500 fanzine together. The best bit was when @naomivision posted this pic of it with 'that bass'. Thanks so much Naomi!! #galaxie500 #everythingsswirling #fanzine #thatbass
the first Galaxie 500 fanzine (photo: Naomi)

In a few months Galaxie 500's Today will be 30 years old &endash; I thought it might be nice to do a follow-up to the fanzine - although I'd like this one to be less about memories and reminiscences and more of a creative art project.

I was thinking of nine "pieces" titled for, and/or inspired by, each of the tracks - and by pieces I was thinking...

  • painting/drawing/print
  • photography
  • fiction
  • poetry
  • comics
  • something else I haven't thought of

There may also be an audio supplement - most likely as a limited run cassette release.

The plan is for something hand-made in a very small run - I haven't figured out _exactly_ what "hand-made" means - but I hope to have a beautiful "artifact" at the end of this.

If you'd like to be involved drop me a line via any of the usual channels and let me know what you're thinking and what song you'd like to work with. There'll be no payment (because I expect it'll lose money) but each contibutor will obviously get a copy, and my undying thanks & appreciation!

Of course you can all recite the track listing of Today - but in case you need a reminder...

  • Flowers reserved
  • Pictures
  • Parking Lot
  • Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste
  • Temperature's Rising
  • Oblivious
  • It's Getting Late
  • Instrumental
  • Tugboat