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It's that time of year when you get to vote for your fave albums and songs by all the artists that AHFoW represents - you can either vote below or head over to my Google form to do your voting there. If neither of those appeal you can also vote by sending me an email.

Dean Wareham in San Sebastian last night. I have tons more snaps but will probably stop now … until tomorrow #luna
Time to put your thinking head on!

There'll be a couple of entries drawn from the e-hat that'll get a little bit of something - one from the US and one from somewhere else in the world.

Vote by email

If the form is a problem feel free to send in your vote in an email answering as many or as few of the following questions as takes your fancy:

  • Country
  • Age (feel free to ignore or be as vague as you like!)
  • Fave Galaxie 500 album
  • 3 fave Galaxie 500 songs
  • Fave Luna album
  • 3 fave Luna songs
  • Fave Damon & Naomi album
  • 3 fave Damon & Naomi songs
  • Fave Dean & Britta album
  • 3 fave Dean & Britta songs songs
  • Fave Dean album
  • 3 fave Dean songs
  • 3 fave Britta songs

Also let me know if you your name to be in the hat for a prize.

On Fire | 30

A 30th anniversary celebration of Galaxie 500's masterpiece

On Fire 30 CD sleeve (design: John Conley)
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