It's that time of year again where you get to choose your fave tracks by your fave bands - I'll bore you with a bit of history down the page - but to be honest I'd rather you clicked on that button down there rather than listen to me on another pathetic nostalgia trip!
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There'll possibly be a tombola where one lucky voter can win some bric-a-brac

A Head Full of Wishes came in to being at the tail end of 1994 (followed by the Mailing list a few months later) - the survey arrived for Christmas 1995 and in that poll you could only choose from three Luna albums and two Damon & Naomi ones, the Galaxie 500 albums were out of print and the reissues where only a rumour!

There's been one every year since, some in the summer, but since 2002 every Christmas has had a survey. You can see the results of most of them over here.

This year's survey has been hastily thrown together in a Google form since the changes to the website I made in the spring rather broke the old survey engine. This means you'll have to type your favourite tracks - and I'll have to sort out the muddle like I used to in the olden days of votes by email.

Actually if you fancy voting by email feel free:

  • Favourite Galaxie 500 album and three favourite tracks
  • Favourite Luna album and three favourite tracks
  • Favourite Damon & Naomi album and three favourite tracks
  • Favourite Dean & Britta album and three favourite tracks
  • Favourite Dean Wareham album and three favourite tracks

If you want to include your age do, only so we know if Bob's still the oldest!

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