Dean Wareham solo London show to download on Dimeadozen

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The first night of Dean Wareham's two nights at St Pancras Old Church in London at the tail of last year is currently being seeded on Dimeadozen. You'll need to be registered to get the show, that used to be tricky - not so sure it still is.

The torrent also includes the whole of Jason Papercuts set.

Ray, the recorder/seeder, describes the show in the torrent info...

Dean is in fine form - his usual wry and dry demeanour only slipping on two occasions tonight. The first when he begins to read a memorial plaque on the church wall - only to be interrupted by the sudden tolling of the church bells as he announces the long departed honoree's name. The second when a burly man rushes the stage to incongruously insist he announce the moments earlier passing of Nelson Mandela, consequently, it will forever be one of the vagueries of my life that I learned of the death of that venerable gentlemen from the singer of Galaxie 500...

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