The 2012 A Head Full of Wishes survey

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Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote in the survey again, it's always a joy to look through the results (even if they don't change too much from year to year). Thanks also to all the really sweet things that so many of you took the time to write in the comments field. I always say that AHFoW would still exist even if I was the only person who ever looked at it but its really nice to know that so many folk do appreciate it!

I pulled a name out of the hat (well actually used a web site that picked random lines from text files) to select the winner of the draw... Brad was the lucky fellow and has been emailed. Sorry I couldn't give you all something... maybe next year!

The full results for the survey can be viewed in the database (as well as the results from all the surveys going back to 1996!) but to save you the bother here's a quick analysis:

There were 111 responses to the survey, this was down quite considerably on last year but I'll blame the lack of any new releases to vote on, rather than consider that the site is slowly losing its audience!

Age and gender:
I dropped asking for gender this year, partly because it seemed pointlessly intrusive and partly because it showed up a scary imbalance. I can now pretend that the gender ratio is about 50:50!

We're all getting older. Who knew!? In 1996 three quarters of voters were in their 20s, this year over half of us were over 40, and Bob, who for many years had an age-range all of his own, had to share it with 9 other folk!

As usual most from the US, a healthy chunk from the UK and good sprinkling from around the world...
Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, New Zealand, France, Australia, Norway, Portugal, Mexico, Italy, Taiwan,
Greece, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria

So, onto the bands and it's all the usual suspects...

Galaxie 500:
On Fire was yet again head and shoulders above the competition

Fourth of July pipped Tugboat as favourite song by a single vote
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Favourite Luna album was, as usual, Penthouse, but a strong showing from Bewitched maybe helped by the vinyl release it finally got this year.
23 Minutes in Brussels again walked away with favourite Luna song
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Damon & Naomi:
More Sad Hits was once again your favourite Damon & Naomi album but nice to see that most of their albums got a vote

This Car Climbed Mt. Washington was again favourite Damon & Naomi song

Dean & Britta:
L'Avventura again walked away with favourite Dean & Britta album.
Favourite Dean & Britta track was (again!) Night Nurse
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On Fire | 30

A 30th anniversary celebration of Galaxie 500's masterpiece

On Fire 30 CD sleeve (design: John Conley)
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