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Happy Birthday to Britta Phillips, former Luna bassist, half of Dean & Britta, the singing voice of Jem (of the Holograms) and the voice of Elizabeth Frankenstein in Mary Shelley's Frankenhole

Dean & Britta

If memory serves these two mp3s were both on Britta's website before she joined Luna - they are two demos, one of which Your Baby obviously turned up on L'Avventura. I don't believe Daydream has been released although it did get an outing at Britta's recent solo show.

MP3: Daydream (demo) - Britta Phillips (via
MP3: Your Baby (demo) - Britta Phillips (via

And here's the original DVD version of I'll Keep It With Mine
MP3: I'll Keep It With Mine (original mix) (via

When Flickr introduced their "Gallery" feature I threw together a gallery of my favourite Britta pictures - you can view that over here.

Happy birthday Britta, have a lovely day!

I'll Keep It With Mine (Scott Hardkiss acoustic remix)
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On Fire 30 CD sleeve (design: John Conley)
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