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Dean & Britta recently provided some music for the film The Dish and The Spoon (which is getting a showing in Boston this Friday (today), Saturday and Sunday). The film is directed by Alison Bagnall who previously made the film Piggie that starred our very own Dean Wareham.

Sadly Piggie appears to have drifted into the ether - leaving behind a few reviews [1,2,3], a half-finished website and Uterus...

Uterus was an alternative version of the track that eventually appeared as Knives from Bavaria on Dean & Britta's first album L'Avventura. The version made for the film had completely different lyrics. Dean & Britta posted an mp3 on their website but it got lost in a revamp - so if you missed it you can now grab it here...

MP3: Dean & Britta - Uterus (4.5MB via

This AVClub review of the film makes mention of the music including Uterus and a song I know nothing of

If nothing else, Alison Bagnall's feature directing debut Piggie deserves a nod of welcome for not sporting a wall-to-wall soundtrack of quaintly droning guitarscapes, like seemingly every other American independent film today. Instead it's only half quaintly droning guitarscapes. The other half features a set of off-kilter pop-folk songs, co-written by the movie's star, Savannah Haske. Songs like "My Brand New Boyfriend" and "Retrograde Uterus" fit the personality of Haske's character, at once childlike and sexually curious. They're the muted cries of a woman whose emotions are stranded in girlhood.

While Piggie is probably Dean's biggest role in a film, he has dabbled elsewhere...

A featured role in Matthew Ross's short Lola - here's the whole film:

A featured role in Pumpkin Hell - check that out over here.

A small appearances in (Untitled) by Jonathan Parker - a fair bit of Dean's performance turns up in the trailer:

You may have also come across him in Mr Jealousy and Highball (both by Noah Baumbach) and an episode of Law and Order.

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