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Almost exactly 20 years ago, on the 27 February 1992, Luna first arrived in London. I had been heartbroken by Galaxie 500's demise when Dean decided that it had "become more like a job than a hobby". In the nine months since, Damon & Naomi had released the lovely Pierre Etoile EP (under the (also lovely) name Pierre Etoile... which I'm still sort of sad they didn't stick by), and Dean had released the, also wonderful, Anesthesia single. This made the break a little more palatable, so by the time we were standing in the Underworld waiting for Dean to take the stage with this new band that wasn't Galaxie 500 I was getting comfortable with the idea of it - two great bands where there'd once been only one.

The show was great, of course, the original pre-Sean Luna line-up of Dean, Stan and Justin, was supplemented with Mercury Rev's Grasshopper on guitar, and the band seemed comfortable with each other and OK with dealing with the "they're not Galaxie 500" expectations of an audience which, for the most part, like me, seemed OK with that.

I recorded the show on my new Walkman Pro - so new that I had no idea how it worked, so most of the recording is a distorted, muddy, mess. Before the encore I flicked a switch and turned a knob and managed to get a decentish recording of the encore, so here, recycled (again!) for your delectation is Luna performing Galaxie 500's Temperature's Rising as the encore of that first London show.

MP3: Luna - Temperature's Rising - Underworld London 27 February 1992 (via
Show details/setlist: 27 February 1992: Luna @ Underworld, London, UK (on AHFoW database)

"Bah! One track? Call that 'recycling'?"

While in town that week Luna also recorded their only Peel session you can head over here and grab that too
Article and MP3s: Luna – Peel Session – 1992

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A collection of AHFoW related releases on Bandcamp
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